Better never than late

She had never cried for me till today. She had never sung for me before. 

She never wanted to meet my parents but she was forced to today.

She didn’t think I loved her that much till today.

She didn’t know I had greater plans for us till today.

She always wanted to be adventurous , YOLO she’d always say.

She didn’t want those adventures with me till today.

She didn’t realize she’d loved me this much till today.

She never called me her lover till today. I was always a best friend to her.

She always went back and forth with me till today.

She couldn’t make up her mind whether she wanted to stay with me.

She said no when I asked her to marry me. She just laughed and said hope I was practicing on her

She never believed I loved her enough to want to keep her.

She always hated the idea of commitment till today.

She read my eulogy today and told me all her truths.

She loved me indeed she loved me.

But what good would that be to me six feet under the ground?